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Friday, August 28, 2009

Man United Vs Wigan Atheletic : 5-0. Guess whoz Back for united Now :)

Match Details :

Wigan vs Man Utd
Saturday 22nd August 2009

The DW Stadium

So after a dismal upset for United after losing to Burnley, it was looking like we Missed Ronaldo a lot. Having struggled to win against the newly promoted Birmingham City, and a loss against another newly promoted team Burnley, who had to fight also to get a place in Top flight, it looked really sad and disappointing for most of the United Fans. United marched to DW Stadium with a statistics of only One goal by Rooney against new teams in two matches. Also, We lost the Community Shield as well. So there were all negative energy everywhere. Yes, we believe the team and the strength but I was really scared.

So match was started, and most Pundits said that Manchester United may struggle. Although they also emphasized that Rooney will be a Key figure for this match and the campaign also. I also had the same thought, especially if I remember the last match between the two, United had to struggle a lot to defeat them(Thanks to Tevez touch and Carrick's Superb Strike). I was really wishing if Owen can get one. Anyways, with full of Hopes, and praying for United I started watching the match. In some cases, I felt that United is carrying forward it's form from previous two matches. Even though we created few chances but failed to convert the shots into Goal. Nani and Scholes were the example.

Nani is a really suspicious character for me. For 10 minutes he plays so well, and in next 10 minutes he gets vanished somewhere on the field. But he shows a good character overall, especially after Ronaldo's Departure....he has been trying to raise his standards. And his superb Freekick really proved to be fantastic which given Wigan Keeper Kirkland no chance to move at all. Fantastic Freekick.

The first half was evenly balanced. Both sides created few chances but couldn't score. Rodallega was good, so was Wigan's new signing Diame(I hope I am spelling it right ;). Koumas had almost scored in the first half, hadn't Foster have made a fantastic save to deny him. Gomez was also running hard. Bramble made a brilliant tackle to deny Berbatov going free in front of Goal. Wigan looked a little stronger in the first half. On the other side, I really liked Gary Neville alot. He made his presence count. Made some very crucial tackles to deny the Wigan players Striking the ball. He was good. Vidic and Evans were also excellent. I really loved the way United defended. I have not seen such defending against a hard working team like Wigan for a long time. I really liked the way they showed the enthusiasm. They kept United in the game until Rooney scored in 56th minute. He got an excellent pass from Valencia. Every time Valencia got the possession, Wigan fans booed him a lot. He seemed nervous on various stages. But after first half, he improved and created an excellent opportunity to get Rooney a free header. And you know, Greedy Rooney never leaves such type of chances, especially when he is waiting eagerly to complete his 100th Goal. Superb header by him.

Just after Rooney's goal, Wigan attacked and I thought that they will equalize but United turned back and Berbatov netted the second goal. His sweet touch to the ball denied the save attempt by Kirkland, who finally slipped while trying to win the ball...leaving Berbatov clean in front of Goal. Berbatov was unbalanced but he somehow managed to give a little touch to the ball and the ball crushed into the Wigan's net. United were 2-0 up. Then Rooney again scored after few minutes. Kirkland looked helpless in every shot. SAF made a quick decision to send Owen and get Rooney back so that he can give Owen a chance to score in a less pressure game and also, he wanted to save Rooney for the coming weekend's fixture against Arsenal at OT. WOW, I am waiting for that =)

Owen moved brilliantly. He is still very fast, he has good speed. And he was very fast in moving to left when Nani was successfully dodged Wigan Defender to set the ball free for Owen near Wigan's Penalty area. Owen chipped and the ball hit the post. Owen needed a little luck to re-ignite his carrer, and the goal post provided him that luck. Ball went inside and he scored his first goal for United. Boy, he was happy. In 86th minute, Nani scored through a freekick. Just like Owen Scored against Arsenal last year. I loved that. Took United to 5-0. Now I feel, the United is coming back to it's form. It will be thoroughly tested on Saturday's game against Arsenal. I wish United a good luck and wish they win 5-0 again. Love you United.

Vikas Bhandari

Glory Glory Man United

United Vs Burnley - 08/19/2009 : 0-1

Ahh, United Lost, that really hurt. Couldn't see the match, there was no telecast in India so no Preview :(

Vikas Bhandari

Glory Glory Man United

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hey....I am back to my Blog with United registering first win for current campaign

Hi All,

Ronaldo and Tevez have already left us, so are we still strong to fight the 4th consecutive title race? Well, it is not very sure so far. We were not very much comprehensive against newly promoted Birmingham City. We should have atleast 2 more goals. Fletcher and Owen should have got one each.

So if we really have to win, then we will need to raise the bar indeed. Anyways, it is just one game so we still have plenty more to settle down.

United were "Fortunate" to get rid of Birmingham with one goal. Birmingham substitute debutant Benitez almost had scored one, hadn't Foster have made a fantastic saves.


We started well, and in the first half, Birmingham were on the back foot. They always looked in a defensive mood. They hold the defense very very tight. Scholes tried with his traditional firing shot for more than five times. But he was never able to atleast pass the Birmingham defense wall. They really deserved an applaud and atleast one point out of the game. United passed the ball well in the first half and they dominated the possession as usual.

Rooney scored in 35th minute, just after Jerome missed by fraction of distance with an excellent strike from outside the penalty area. For rest of the game, United defenders didn't allow Jerome a second chance. McFadden also played good, and he was hungry for a strike. Having Rio Ferdinand and Vidic out due to injury, Evans and OShea took the initiative of center defense. Fabio and Evra were the full back for United. Fabio has got good speed but he moved too forward sometimes and allowed opposition to move near to the goal. On the other hand, Evra was quick smart and intelligent. He played fantastic and when Nani showed laziness so many times, he took the charge and played more upfront than usual. Nani was lazy. He played so good in Shield, but not yesterday. He was back in his poor style where he loses the possession so many times. Fletcher was rock hard in midfield through out the match. Scholes showed that he has still some magic left in his legs, and when Giggs started in 2nd half replacing Nani, he also showed that he also plays like a 25 year old at the age of 36. Both were instrumental. Rooney was very very good.

He is the one who is most benefited from Ronaldo's departure. Not even Madrid would be happier that much. He would certainly be the center of focus this season. If he can play for the complete season w/o any injury he would definitely produce more than 25, or even 30 in the entire season. He created a chance for himself to open United's Account and scored first goal for us. I was happy for the lead we got. Fletcher could have easily converted it to 2-0 but he missed. Missed such a simple open goal.

In the 2nd half, Birmigham came with a different set of mind and they attacked too often as compare to first half. Their attack was even sharper after Benitez replaced Jerome. United were lucky to escape through the few chances they created. Foster was the hero at the end. He saved a crucial shot. He jumped at the right time and saved after he was left alone in front of Benitez.

On the other hand, Foster's counterpart in B City Paul Hart was equally impressive. He showed why he is considered the Eng future no 1 goal keeper. He made a crucial save when Owen was clean through to the Goal after Rooney made an excellent pass. Owen was quick to grab the pass quickly and left the defender back to find Hart alone in his front. He was looking to open his account for United in BPL but Hart denied him with excellent save. I am really thrilled to see Owen play for us. I bet, he would score somewhere 10-15 in this season. I am sure he will. My best wishes are with him.

Berbatov was again, a little chippyu but he was unable to break the defense. He needs to step up now and shows some more capabilities.

After this weekend performance, United has to start worrying for their Title defense because other teams like Spurs and City have showed in their game that they will not allow any team to take them as granted. Especially spurs, they were outstanding against Liverpool. I never saw Gerrard or Torres Playing at all. It was always Palacios, Modric , Defoe, Lennon or Keane. I could only see Carragher, Skrtel clashing each other's heads or involved in a fouled. They were not liverpool. The looked like loserpool. But lets see how they perform on mid week fixtures.

Also, United will play against Burnley on Wednesday and then with Mighty Wigan on the Weekend.

Vikas Bhandari

Glory Glory Man United

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A shock move by United. Owen in for United.

Well, that is surprising. I don't know what led Mr. Ferguson to sign the Candle with no lights. Haha, but I am really really shocked as well. How desperate we are to have a striker that we went to a striker who has net not even 30 goals in his last four years at Newcastle. Anyways, SAF is best so he might have seen something which we cannot see. Just like when he released Beckham in 2003. That time, no body knew who Ronaldo is. Now, he is worth 80 Million. So just wait n watch.

I strongly support this decision. Owen is very desperate to play first class football and eyeing for a spot in next year world cup in Capello's team. So he will put everything which he can to gain the appreciation of Englash Internation Team coach. Owen had a pace, which he literally couldn't use at the Newcastle. It seems that his pace is gone now. But wait a minute, how pace can be gone? It is definitely inherent. He will need a little support and an aggressive training. Result will show his talent. Moreoever, we cannot say that a person who actually scored so many goals for Liverpoo, and England, is no more capable of scoring goals at the age of 29. He still has around 4 years of great football. He just needs to be utilized perfectly, which he was not at the Newcastle. A striker's task is to create scoring chances, and he does so with the help of a creative midfield. Unfortunately, Newcastle's midfield was not that creative but Man United's midfield are. So Owen will definitely set the great example of a great comeback. He may not be as favorite as Tevez is, but for me, now he is a United player and any united player is over and above any other soccer player for me. So cheers for Owen.

I wish him a very good luck and wish him to gain a spot in the first team for United very soon.

Vikas Bhandari

Glory Glory Man United

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Valencia Comes in, and Benzema already on the radar


Tring tring, good news for us. Valencia comes in. Benzema is also said to be the most likely one to join United. Valnecia, was delighted after a transfer for an undisclosed fee(which is said to be approximately somewhere around 16 million).

In Valencia words :

"Joining Manchester United is a dream come true for me, I have enjoyed my time at Wigan, but I am thrilled to have the chance to challenge for the biggest honours in club football here. Playing in front of 76,000 fans alongside players like Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs will be an amazing experience. I can't wait to get started."

And also, United is rumored to win the Benzema services after making a monsterous bid of around 36 million. If he comes in, then he will definitely fill the gap which Tevez's departure has created for us.

The best thing about these two players are : they are very young and can be moulded to any playing styles easily. Benzema is 21 French, and Valencia is 23 Ecuadior. Well, Benzema is far better replacement for Tevez as compared to Valencia for Ronaldo. Benzema will prove to be vital, who knows, even better than Tevez. But Ronaldo is too too fast to compared with Valencia. But, no doubt, Valencia has a potential and a pace too. It may be not fast as Ronaldo's one, but remember, how Mr. Ferguson turned a 17 yr old Portuguese kid into a complete player. So we know, SAF is capable making best players out of good players. So keep a watch on him.

Having Nani/Park on the left and Valencia on the right, Hargreaves/Carrick/Fletcher/Anderson in the middle, Rooney,Berbatov,Benzema on forward. Wow. That looks an attacking one. But I miss Tevez here. I would really love Rooney Benzema and Tevez rather. But he is not happy at OT. So best of luck to him.

Edited on 29th August 2009 : Ahh, I knew, I wanted Benzema to join United but he preferred Madrid rather. But I just read it yesterday that the Increasing Tax Implications can be one of the reason. Benzema, we will Miss you ;)

Vikas Bhandari

Glory Glory Man United